Personal Training

After an initial talk, our trainer will tailor each part of your programme to your specific goals, training experience and lifestyle. Every aspect is considered an important part of your journey with us. Your trainings will be varied (boxing, fitness, TRX etc.) and will allow you to get out of your comfort zone while having fun. Check the schedule below.

Group Training

Motivating and improving your physical condition while having fun is what you will get in our group training classes. From boxing to circuit training, you will push your limits and feel of the group energy. You will not notice the time passing by. Check the schedule below.


At Agora, we believe that nutrition should be bespokeN and adapted to you. We will build nutritional programming that is entirely ADAPTED to you and your lifestyle. Whether it IS A SIMPLE guidance or A full planning, we will work with you to create a plan or method of managing your diet which suits you best. Check the schedule below.


We offer you treatments in order to find the best function of your movements. Our collaborators are experts in the analysis of the human body and will put in place an appropriate program in order to feel better and at ease in every movement you make. Check the schedule below.

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Our Schedules


These classes are thought by a coach with CrossFit background. You will learn lifting techniques and gymnastics movements, which will then be incorporated into an intensive metabolic conditioning session, that will make you sweat. If your goal is to shed some body fat, this is a perfect session for you.


These classes include both boxing and kick boxing movements. You will learn the techniques behind a skilled boxer, as well as conditioning and mobility exercises. You will also have the chance to free-style and have some fun.


This is an essential class, that will improve your health significantly. You will be stretching and actively mobilising important joints and muscles in your body. This in result will help you move better and more safely in and outside of the gym.


These classes include coaching of the fundamental big movements with free weights and machines. You will learn how to lift safely and get the most out of each exercise. If your goal is to build some muscle or tone, this session is perfect for you.


These classes incorporate the efficiency of the new style equipment such as TRX and combines it with the traditional Russian style training with Kettlebells. This session would help you get that lean and strong body you are striving for.

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