Our Team

Thomas - Chiropractor

My approach is to optimize the nervous system to maintain a balance between the physical, emotional and chemical aspects of the body.Most of the work focuses on the spine, from where the nervous system branches to innervate every part of the body, as well as the general biomechanical aspect allowing a balance and maintenance of the structures.

Different conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, migraines, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, autoimmune diseases, loss of strength \ sensation, carpal tunnel, back pain .. could benefit from this approach.

Optimal communication between the brain and the body also allows for better proprioception, recovery, assimilation, elimination and better physical performance.

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John - Owner de Agora Coaching et Personal Trainer

I have always been a sportsman : football player in 2nd Belgian division, I started fitness and everything that goes with it like you, with someone coaching me and teaching everything from scratch.

When I was 17, my objective was to gain muscle and athletic powerfulness to be the best on the field. But very quickly, I fell in love and turned my passion into my full time job.

What I really want is to transmit to my students what sports has done for me and continue bringing me : a balanced mind and balanced physique which allows me to feel good in my own skin and also allows me to reach my goals.
br/>I have more than one string to my bow to reach your goals or maintain your balance through the year : Functional training, english boxing, kickboxing, bodybuilding, mobility or flexibility focused workouts etc. And this, always having fun and well being.

I’m waiting you at our place, at yours, at Agora Coaching.

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Teodora - Personal Trainer

Teodora is passionate about fitness, training and nutrition, having coached it since 2012 in high end personal training studios in City of London and Brisbane, Australia. She eats, sleeps and breathes all aspects of the fitness lifestyle and is noted for her tough and uncompromising workouts.

She started herself as a personal training client 10 years ago overweight and with zero strength. Through the years she has continuously and consistently striven for improvement physically and educationally in order to provide the ultimate experience to her clients.

Teddy has also participated in Powerlifting and Strongman competitions in UK, CrossFit and Gymnastics training in Australia and is currently training for health and longevity.

Teddy strikes the perfect balance of merciless taskmaster that pushes you to a state of sweat-soaked exhaustion but is also a sympathetic coach who knows precisely the right encouragement to offer when you’re tired and depleted or have stumbled and on the brink of giving up. Her extensive knowledge in nutrition will help you to achieve your goals efficiently and will teach you how to achieve a better lifestyle to maintain and further improve your results.

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David - Personal Trainer

I’m David, 25 years old, from belgian and certified personal trainer. The love of sports and self-surpassing gave le the willingness to push people to find their potential and surpass their limits.

I am a sports lover in general but i have my preference for fighting disciples and martial arts in general. I don’t have any preference in my trainings, I like to vary and appreciate every minute of it. I can pass from functional training to pure strength training or from boxing to circuit training but always with good vibes and positivity.

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